Flying Prove


New Flying Probe system – The Pilot 4D V8 represents the latest frontier in flying probe test technology.
One of a kind!

Nordson Dage X-Ray Machine


The unique Nordson DAGE NT maintenance-free, sealed transmissive type of X-ray tube provides 0.1 µm feature recognition and up to 10 W of power. Plus, the 2 Mpixel XiDAT3 digital image detector make this jewel of a system the choice for the highest performance and highest magnification imaging tasks.

Saki 3D AOI


Inspection data can be generated easily from CAD data in the same way as our 2D-AOI machines. As measurement is performed in a large area, sample surface can be automatically detected and height zero reference points will be set automatically for each block area. By doing so, inspection library data can be easily added onto necessary locations without having effect by adjacent components. In case of Active project technology, measurement is performed based on each FOV (Field of View). By employing high rigidity gantry, measurement data for FOV can be automatically combined into one continuous image data for accurate position precision.

PVA Delta 8


Our new Selective Coating System includes:
PVA Delta 8
IR2000-8-2 Infrared heat curing chamber
Jet Dispense Valve

It is a flexible robotic conformal coating complete line, which conceptualized for maximum flexibility.