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As a company dedicated to technological innovation, USR keeps its IT systems at peak performance. These systems serve all divisions in the company and enable continuous flow of vital information used in the critical decisions taken daily at USR. Precise IT helps us to provide nonstop service which is both reliable and punctual, for the benefit of our customers.

IT systems are an inseparable part of the company's daily activities, and include the following:


One of the world's leading ERP systems, which offers total management of the organization in the aspects of finance, operations, inventory, manufacturing, sales and purchasing.

Oracle Agile

USR uses the best PDM (Agile) solution to provide its customer with the tractability and reliability needed in today's manufacturing. By using this tool we can:

  • Recall any of the product configurations.
  • Trace design change, internal procedure, MPN, work instruction and drawing.
  • Log access to files and data
  • Enable production, purchasing and engineering teams to access the data on line.
  • Enabling our customer to be part of any change done in the system
Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports offers a flexible report design environment for creating and maintaining highly formatted reports. It makes data access, report design, and report maintenance easier.

It quickly transforms almost any data into powerful content,creates compelling reports for viewing and interaction via portals, wireless devices and Microsoft Office documents. It is designed for Enterprise Web Applications, so we use it to offer our customers professional on-time reports.Its benefit to our customer is full transparency of production, inventory, costs etc.


BizDoc is the e-Document Workflow solutions for Document Routing, Decision Making, Budget Monitoring and Business Process Management (BPM).
USR uses BizDoc as a purchasing and pricing solution, and intends to widen the use for various solutions such as operations, budget control, engineering, manufacturing, QA, HR, customer services and helpdesk processes.

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