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Type of warehouses and area

Raw material in USR is stored in several warehouses according to material & activity type :

Electronics warehouse -
Stores all purchased electronic components. The warehouse meets ESD protection standards.
In the electronics warehouse, components are being stored between dividers, where each component is packed separately in a vacuum pack. Temperature and humidity are monitored 24 hours a day. Furthermore, humidity sensitive components are treated with desiccators to dry them up.
In the electronic warehouse a FIFO (First In First Out) approach is tightly implemented.
In order to preserve humidity sensitive components, several actions are being taken in the electronics warehouse:

  • Dry pack usage – humidity resistant pack which is normally based on aluminum foil.

  • Usage of dry pack sealing tools.
  • Desiccator oven – used to dry components which where exposed to humidity.
  • Dissectors – storage units for component preservation in low humidity conditions.

Mechanics warehouse
The warehouse stretches on a very large surface and equipped with two forklifts. Space is available in bulk racking and shelves from ground to ceiling.
In the mechanics warehouse equipment is stored on platforms. Articles that are often approached are stored at human height level. Others are stored at up to 4 meters height.

Sub-contracting warehouse 
The warehouse is designated for customers who work with USR on a sub-contracting base. the warehouse is divided to shelves for storage of electronic components and an open space to house pallets.
In the sub-contracting warehouse, components are stored as kits, ready for manufacturing and they get treatment in accordance to need.

Processes and activities in warehouses

  1. Reception of material from more than 250 different suppliers. Some deliver directly to warehouse and some via curriers.

  2. Inspection processes to electronic components, including: Safety critical, shelf life, and matching. Inspection is part of the process components go through, before reception in warehouse.
    First the documentation of the shipment is examined (including packing list, COT/MSDS/COC certificates). Components inspection is done using a common sample table and normally it is AQL 1%.
    Additionally, the remaining shelf life period is also checked.  The warehouse is equipped with suitable tools for all checks. A different inspection process is applied for printed circuits.

  3. Pre-manufacturing processes like: components burning, Capton gluing etc.

  4. Rolling up components for the SMT machines.

  5. Forming kits for manufacture.

  6. Working tools and material supply for daily use in USR.


All warehouses keep Rohs and Non-Rohs items separated. The distinction process begins at the point of reception, with a visible marking of Rohs items and storing them separately.

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