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Manufacturing Services

USR offer full service, end-to-end electronics assembly, engineering and manufacturing - from the very first design requirements and all the way to the finished product.

Even at first glance at one of our production lines, one can envision the effort we invest in each and every one of our 15 sophisticated lines, which work simultaneously. The floor plan, processes, work methods and flow of products are all designed to operate with maximum efficiency.

Let's take a look at one of our production lines :

  • Construction of the computerized SMT program accordance to circuit drawing


  • Components KIT is assembled to feeders, in the SMT Set Up station, in according to SMT plan.


  • The PCB is fed into the pasting machine (Screen Printer).  

  • AOI 3D SPI machine examines the quality of pasting. This machine has up to 3000 boards per hour examination capability.

  • Assembly of SMT components, in 3 stations, in accordance to component type.
  • First pre-soldering visual inspection.
  • Reflow oven soldering.
  • X-Ray machine examination of BGA components soldering quality. Afterwards AOI machine check for circuit shorts, disconnections, offset components, and components location as indicated in BOM.

  • Manual soldering or selective solder machine.
  • QC check and visual inspection. 
  • BGA reworks.
  • Electricity checks and final testing, in accordance to international standards, using ICT, JTAG and Flying Probe.
  • Mechanic and electro-mechanic integration to the final product.
  • Final functional and electrical testing.


  • QC checks and final visual inspection.


  • Packing and delivery to customer.

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