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When launching a new product in today's aggressive market, a company needs every advantage it can get in order to bring the product to market on time and stay ahead of the competition with market share and higher sales and profits.

The only way to achieve these goals without compromising product quality is to integrate critical manufacturing and logistics elements in the design and engineering stages. Assuring material availability also guarantees a smooth conversion from design to manufacturing and assembly. This is where USR's proficiency comes in, for your complete benefit.

New Product Introduction

Our NPI division is the best partner for getting any new product to market in the best fashion possible. Instead of waiting for the working prototypes in order to begin adaptation to mass production, our NPI experts join the design process at a very early stage and help to introduce critical manufacturing and logistics elements for overall efficiency. Working alongside the design engineers, the NPI team is tasked with finding creative solutions to enhance the workflow, and to find methods to accommodate manufacturing without limiting or impairing the designers' flexibility.

We provide you with flexible solutions that:

  • Enable you to meet aggressive new product introduction timelines.
  • Enable strategic use of available Material and resources.
  • Speed your overall time-to-market
  • Respond to new market needs by means of technology and availability.
  • Produce full After Assembly report.

We apply NPI processes to help you improve product manufacturability and speed your transition to volume production. This improves both time-to-market and time-to-profit.

Methodology in NPI

By working according to proven methodologies and strategic NPI processes, we can help to accelerate your profits.

Our design engineers can:

  • Provide optimized and reliable design solutions that consider all stages of a product’s lifecycle.
  • Deliver design solutions that improve product manufacturability through design for manufacturing (DFM).
  • Improve prototypes through design for test (DFT).
  • Reduce bill of materials costs through design for sourcing (DFS).

We are committed to providing you with a total solution and best services. We achieve this by leveraging the high capabilities of our supply chain, and through our total devotion to our customers.

NPI Logistics

Concurrent to our NPI approach, our challenge is to attain logistic readiness throughout the design process. This challenge is enhanced by frequent changes and the wish to avoid excessive unwanted components and stock.

Employing our vast knowledge and experience in the field, we take these risks into consideration and work to minimize them as much as possible, for the benefit of all sides involved. The close coordination between design engineers and NPI engineers promises risk management that leads to positive actions and to more effective processes.

Press Release - USR Electronic Systems Chooses Valor’s DFM Solution - /upload/valor_usr_dfm.doc

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