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In house engineering

USR's in-house engineering services are run by experts in their respective products, proactively managing technical risks and meeting the challenge of increased product yields without sacrificing quality. By methodically reviewing all customer documentation and employing specialists with in-depth knowledge of the project, we ensure the product can be manufactured in the most efficient and cost effective method.

Our engineering services are initiated at 3 major levels:

Components engineering

Component Engineers who are responsible for examining the entire list of components issued by the customer, and who stay abreast of all the developments in the component market, especially when related to re-engineering or intricate regulatory requirements.

Process engineering

A Process Engineer is in charge of certifying that production is done according to confirmed processes and methods in order to maximize effectiveness and quality of the entire line.

Product engineering

A Product Engineer oversees the constant maintenance of the customer's product portfolio to validate complete correspondence between technical specifications and actual production patterns in the organization. We utilize sophisticated computerized systems to guarantee true "copy exact" specifications in order to deliver fast and reliable results.

Test engineering

The hardware test engineering department at USR offers the following services:

  • DFT (Design for Testability) – analysis and consultancy from initial development of a electronic card, all the way to the development of test devices calibrated to the highest standards.

  • CAD/CAM Professional – Specialy designed software for DFT tests, especially ICT and Flying Probe.

  • Turn-Key Projects – comprehensive projects which include developing ICT programs and constructing adaptors for ICT Teradyne Z18XX tests.

  • Developing JTAG test programs – used for Goepel and Corelis systems.

  • Developing test programs for Flying Probe SPEA 4040.

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