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Quality Policy

Safety Health & Environmental policy

In our dynamic industry, our primary goal is to satisfy the needs of our clients, to exceed the expectations of our customers and to contribute to sustainable technology and product development. We accomplish this through the implementation of nationally and internationally recognized accreditation, which also support USR in meeting legal, regulatory, industry, customer or other requirements.

Quality is built into all manufacturing and engineering processes at USR. Our quality assurance policy is integral to the design and manufacturing cycle and guarantees that all product processes are closely monitored and inspected for accuracy, from incoming material through final shipment, and comply with ISO-9001:2000, ISO-13485:2003 and ISO-14001:2004. We are periodically inspected by the Israeli Institute of Standards, and adhere to the international quality standards.

Quality Assurance Plan

Quality is an inseparable part of all our processes. The moment we begin work on a project, it is assigned a Customer Quality Manager (CQM) who is accountable for all aspects of quality control, quality assurance and compliance with standards during its complete life cycle.

All CQM's at USR are allowed total access to processes to ensure transparency, and in return we require nothing less than this from all our subcontractors and suppliers as well. The quality plan promises automatic reporting to improve data integrity, and quality procedures are incorporated in a written agreement accomplished before production begins. This guarantees that any discrepancy discovered during production immediately stops manufacturing until the inconsistency is determined and cleared up.

Standards and Authorizations

USR adheres to nationally and internationally acknowledged standards:

ISO-18001:2007 - Health and Saftey Management System

ISO-9001:2008 – Overall Quality Management System

ISO-14001:2004 -  Environmentally-Friendly corporations standartisation

ISO-13485:2003 – Quality standard for manufacturing of Medical Equipment

AS9100 - International Aerospace Industry Quality Management Standard.

Platina Certificate

KFDA Approval

USR work environment supports health & safety regulations in accordance with OSHAS-18001

USR works according to the following main IPC standards:



IPC-A-610D (class II & class III)

Manufacturing and assembly of circuits standard


Braids and cable shoes standard


Preparing circuits standard


General manufacturing standard


Solder ability standard


Preserving humidity conditions for components standard

Environmental Policy at USR

Within the framework of our activities there are matters which have an effect upon the quality of the environment.

To that effect, USR is committed to operate in a way that contributes to the quality of the environment. An important component of this framework is the defining and realization of an environmental policy that is set forward in the ISO 14001:2004 standard, which guarantees the elimination of pollution.

Therefore, USR strives to guarantee that all operations of the organization are performed in a matter that takes into consideration the importance and preservation of the environment and its quality. Within the organization there exists an infrastructure for continuous improvement in this field, which includes a plan for yearly improvement, continuous internal checks, and environmental goals.

Furthermore, all subcontractors working with USR will also be instructed according to the policies and procedures of our environmental policy. Management is responsible for putting forth the resources needed for correct implementation of the environmental policy, and is responsible for its implementation.

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