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Project Management

USR's manufacturing services provide a high level of professionalism throughout each client's entire product life cycle. It begins with a designated Project Manager as a personal client representative, who is either an Electronics Engineer or a Management and Industry Practical Engineer, according to the project at hand. Project Managers are highly experienced and competent, with logistic capabilities and close acquaintance with the technical layout that serves as an interface with the client.

Each dedicated project manager has overall responsibility for the product under his supervision, from inception to delivery. This results in a more flexible approach to each project, which translates into added value and advantages for the customer.

our project managers take  very important part of our activity.

Service cell approach

Each project manager manages a close support team and an entire group of individuals which comprise what we call a "Service Cell" of any specific project. These "cells" include all the experts dedicated to the project, although the client is served by the project manager alone to streamline the process. supporting the project manager are buyers, supplier coordinator, quality engineer and product engineer, all of whom meet regularly to ensure adherence to timetables, quality and cost constraints.

Some of the TK customers should get a "Manufacturing Cell" within USR's plant, where all processes including packaging are carried out in an isolated environment from the moment the cards arrive from SMT lines.

Working in this fashion offers customers a dedicated team and a devoted project manager who makes the entire process more efficient. This approach also enhances the knowledge and expertise of all employees working in the specific cell, which translates directly to added value for the manufacturing process and the customer's bottom line.

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