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Supply Chain

In the fast paced electronics sector, the ability to position material in the right place and at the right time is critical to lead-time, cost-control and ultimately competitive ability. At URS, our supply chain management is a core business competency, and the employees throughout the supply chain are vital partners in our ongoing success.

Management of the supply chain begins with NPI and continues throughout the lifecycle till delivery to our client or to the end-customers. Our supply chain interfaces with 3 main areas within USR: Purchasing, storage and projects. Each area is a vital and equal part of the chain, and overall success counts on the positive interaction between them. Our flexibility and experience enables us to design and manage the most effective supply chain to suit our client's needs at all times.

  • Purchasing – with our profound knowledge of the industry and acquaintance with suppliers specific advantages, we match the right supplier with our requirements for the best cooperation and outcome.
  • Storage – managing various ongoing projects simultaneously, we handle a choice of storage facilities to suit the needs of our projects.

  • Project management – for every turn key customer USR appoints project manager who  responsebale on managing the project.


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