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Human Resources

Our HR promotes the organizational culture, and enables all USR employees to fully utilize their potential while advancing the company goals.

HR at USR serves all aspects throughout the company's divisions and activities, including recruitment of new employees and developing existing ones; in-house training as well as professional courses and organizational improvement; welfare, employee benefits and various social activities; and more.

USR is an inseparable part of the community in which it operates. It seeks to empower its surroundings while doing the same for its employees in the process, as individuals and as an organization with social responsibility. As such, USR strives to cooperate with voluntary associations that reach out to special-needs groups, involving employees with various charitable and social activities.

One such example of USR's commitment to society is the company's adoption of "Sunflower House" – a special home for young girls between the ages 13 to 18 who have had to leave their homes following violence or maltreatment.

USR is also open to employing people with special needs within the company, coaching them to reach their full potential and helping them to retain a feeling of purpose and usefulness. The company has been cooperating with ALUT, the Israeli Society for Autistic Children & Adults, since 2004.

This cooperation has also led to a number of moving success stories, one such account is of a young adult who, although suffering from autism, was able to learn and perform his job in an independent and thorough way. Today, after 4 years at USR, he is employed full-time at the factory in Carmiel and performs his duties enthusiastically and fruitfully.

Social commitment is part of USR, and all employees can take part in giving back to the community, whether in joining an ongoing project or by initiating new ideas.

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